The PASE “Leadership in Language Education” e-Congress is the largest and the most inspiring event organised annually in the language education sector in Poland. The programme consists of 48 sessions, including a track for German language professionals. Its wide range of topics covers all language education areas from language teaching in practice and ICT use to language school management in the time of crisis and solution search through to using one’s own resources and teaching a language in non-standard environments. As the best Polish and foreign experts will speak during on-line meetings, you and your students will have an opportunity to develop and broaden your perspectives and knowledge. And finally, our sponsors from all around the world will showcase their latest teaching materials for you.


On 8 May 2021. Start at 9 am.

Who for?

The PASE e-Congress is a space for:

  • Teachers and non-state school teachers of all foreign languages
  • Academics, specialists in foreign language teaching, teacher trainers and authors of teaching materials
  • Students on their path to become professional foreign language teachers
  • Owners and managers of language schools who seek to maintain the high quality of language teaching in their institutions
  • Personal and professional development enthusiasts
  • All aficionados of language education in its every sense!

What for?

Leadership in language education is a critical theme in relation to the modern and efficient foreign language teaching. Whatever the objective, target group or external requirements, teachers and language teaching management staff must perform well as leaders in language education. In fact, the efficient leadership is key in ensuring that teachers achieve their educational objectives and learners succeed in learning and communication. This is why during this year’s PASE e-Congress we will be looking at how to handle problems language teaching leaders are faced with by finding answers to the following questions and more:

  • What are the roles and functions that efficient language teaching leaders perform and what competences should they have?
  • How can a ‘leader’ teacher handle multilingual and multicultural work environment of foreign language teaching?
  • How to manage ever-changing contexts, target groups, teaching levels, examination requirements and student assessment?
  • How to maintain high quality and innovation in their language teaching, as well as develop teachers’ own and their students’ competences?
  • What methods are there to motivate students to learn, and prevent teachers’ professional burnout?


Although the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has stopped us from holding a stationary conference for a second year running, we are in fact given an opportunity to expand the conventional format of the PASE European Language Congress by using all the tools that the remote participation has in store for language education enthusiasts during their in-service training. Let us meet ON-PASE-LINE this year!!

What do you gain?

  • Professional training and personal development at the world’s top level
  • The experience of listening to renowned and highly-esteemed Polish and foreign speakers presenting their papers on language teaching management, business psychology, foreign language teaching methodology, in-service teacher training and modern technologies
  • 90 days of access to lectures, sessions, videos and teaching materials
  • Products and materials published by the partners of our event at your fingertips
  • A chance to ask experts questions during their presentations (chat mode)
  • An opportunity to talk to other participants of the PASE e-Congress
  • A certificate of participation in a 48-hour long language teaching conference



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Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar

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Chaz Pugliese

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prof. Jacek Pyżalski

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Jak działa On-PASE-Line?

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Sesje e-Kongresu PASE odbędą się zgodnie z programem na żywo w sobotę 8 maja 2021 r., na platformie transmisyjnej. Wykupując dostęp na żywo, będzie można uczestniczyć w nich w czasie rzeczywistym i wchodzić w interakcję z prelegentami. Dodatkowo, wszystkie sesje będą nagrywane i dostępne do obejrzenia i wykupienia aż przez trzy miesiące po wydarzeniu. Taka formuła konferencji umożliwia obejrzenie wszystkich sesji wszystkim osobom zarejestrowanym, jak również tym, które zdecydują się dołączyć do grona uczestników e-Kongresu PASE w terminie późniejszym.

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