Ola i Arek Mikrut

Ola i Arek Mikrut



8+ years of experience – Passionate about creative teaching methods – Pioneers of applying quick memorization techniques in teaching English as a second language – Founders of Co Ludzie Powiedza (2014), one of the most recognized brands on the ESL market in Poland – Frequent guests in radio and tv shows – Founders of mnemobrazki (www.mnemobrazki.pl) – English vocabulary flashcards based on visual associations.

Not so difficult ways of teaching (difficult) words – quick memorization techniques in practice

How to show your students you love them? By designing brain-friendly and memory-boosting activities that will stimulate their creativity no matter what learning style they prefer. Our workshops will inspire you to create your own activities incorporating quick memorization techniques. We will show you the long way we went to master creative teaching methods and develop over 6000 pictograms based on five diverse and powerful mnemonic strategies. You will also see how we reinvented an ordinary flashcard to make it a powerful tool enabling people to successfully memorize loads of vocabulary items in a relatively short time. In our session, we will show you a few ready-to-use exercises that will allow your learners to discover skills they have never thought of having! You and your students will be amazed how vastly the capacity of human memory can expand!