Ron Mukerji

Ron Mukerji


A consultant for various language teaching schools, Ron has over 25 years of experience in the world of ELT as a teacher, ELT content writer, corporate trainer, teacher trainer and academic manager. He has run workshops and presented talks all over Europe. Ron is especially known for his work in using technology to enhance feedback, teaching online and blended learning and testing. Ron is a strong believer in education for all and focuses particularly on FREE digital tools.


Artificial Intelligence – a boon or a curse for educators?

ChatGPT is creating controversy due to concerns over its potential impact on learning and academic integrity. Some worry that it could make it easier for students to cheat by generating sophisticated responses without understanding the material. Others believe it could be used to support student learning, as well as educators. Additionally, there are concerns over the ethical implications. Ultimately, the controversy surrounding ChatGPT highlights the need for careful consideration and discussion of their potential benefits and risks in the context of education. Let’s have a closer look.