Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar


Hugh Dellar is the co-founder of the online school and training company He has co-authored two five-level General English series, Outcomes and Innovations, published by National Geographic Learning, and his first methodology book, Teaching Lexically, came out in 2016. Most recently, he worked on Grammar Nonsense . . . and what to do about it, published by Wayzgoose Press.

What’s grammar really for? Rethinking our priorities

Grammar has long been at the heart most EFL courses. For many, it’s what makes teaching English as a foreign language an academic subject. As such, we rarely stop to consider what grammar is for. In this talk, I’ll suggest some surprising answers to this question and consider how we may want to reassess our priorities as a result.

More than just the answers

One of the great unsung skills of teaching involves providing more than just the answers when going through classroom exercises. In this session, I’ll explore the challenges posed by different types of vocabulary exercises, and consider what we can best add when working with each type. There will be interactive workshop elements – and plenty of practical ideas.

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