Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar


Hugh Dellar is the co-founder of the online school and training company He has co-authored two five-level General English series, Outcomes and Innovations, published by National Geographic Learning, and his first methodology book, Teaching Lexically, came out in 2016. Most recently, he worked on Grammar Nonsense . . . and what to do about it, published by Wayzgoose Press.


Motivating students: a 10-step guide

For many students, learning English is an obligation, a chore or a downright pain! Motivating the after-school / after-work learner is one of the toughest challenges we face. In this talk, I will propose ten steps towards meeting this challenge – and transforming our classes.

How to Set Communicative Goals and Plan Backwards for Effective Language Learning

How to decide on communicative goals first and to then think backwards from here to how best to get students towards those goals, thus inverting the traditional way of thinking about grammar + vocab = speaking goal?