dr Urszula Kropaczewska

dr Urszula Kropaczewska



Urszula Kropaczewska (PhD)  is the coordinator of Young Learners SIG for IATEFL Poland. She organizes and takes part in many conferences, workshops, seminars, both live and on-line, all over Poland and Europe. She is mostly interested in teaching English to Young Learners, SEN teaching and teachers’ development. She is an author of materials for teachers, a blog and many didactical films, which are put on YouTube.


Creative teacher makes students be involved, amazed and amused

The workshop is to present some practical ideas  which can be used in classes  to make both teachers and learners involved, amazed and amused. I will show some games, songs, rhymes, crafts  and stories I use to teach language competences to Young Learners. I would also like to present films I recorded for children to enjoy learning English outside the classroom.