Marcin Stanowski

Marcin Stanowski


Marcin Stanowski is a public school teacher, psychologist and trainer. As an avid Moodler and an IT enthusiast obtained the European Language Label Award. Several times was a grant holder of Comenius and RELO programmes. Marcin is also Global Issues Special Interest Group Coordinator and PR for IATEFL PL. Marcin runs a blog at Has been training teachers in Poland, the UK, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Albania and many more. Currently interested in fostering key competencies in ELT classes and fighting hate speech and fake news.


All the silly beliefs – EFL Teachers’ beliefs on didactics, language, and students

“All the silly beliefs – EFL Teachers’ beliefs on didactics, language, and students” is a talk with elements of workshop exploring the various beliefs held by EFL teachers regarding the language, their students, and the didactics used in the classroom.

The presentation delves into the concept of beliefs, their formation, and their impact on teaching practices. I will discuss the importance of acknowledging these beliefs and critically reflecting on them to promote effective teaching practices.

The presentation draws on research findings and examples to demonstrate the influence of these beliefs on teaching, learning, and student motivation. The talk concludes with a call for EFL teachers to challenge their beliefs and adopt evidence-based approaches to teaching language to promote better learning outcomes for their students.