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Katarzyna Warszyńska


A seasoned educator with over 14 years of experience in adult education, specializing in General English and Business English. Her latest accomplishment, "Peachy Conversations," a printed book published in September 2023, stands as a testament to her extensive teaching experience, offering invaluable guidance and a plethora of ready-made materials for teaching conversation classes to adults.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Kasia actively participates in national and international conferences as a presenter, sharing insights and learning from peers worldwide. For the past four years, she has been the founder and director of EV Szkolenia, Poland's premier language school exclusively for teachers, providing a supportive environment for educators to enhance their English skills.

Previously, Kasia served as a video presenter on the Oxford Online English YouTube channel, where she taught English in videos. Notably, she was the only non-native presenter on board, showcasing her expertise and dedication to language education.

Outside of work, Kasia finds joy in the company of her two cats, appreciates fine wine, and indulges in American culture and board games, enriching both her professional and personal life.

Check out Kasia and her work on www.evszkolenia.com

Building Conversations Brick by Brick for Adult Learners - Because Speaking Is More Than Just Sharing Opinions!

Dive into the dynamic world of conversation with me! Teachers often find it challenging to get adult learners (or late teens) to engage in specific topics and express themselves. But speaking is more than just sharing opinions. It could also be "describing", "explaining", "analyzing", or "role-playing". With adult learners (or late teens), the possibilities are endless! In my session, I'll guide you through engaging techniques to foster communication and collaboration among students. Be prepared to leave with creative ideas and useful links that you can implement immediately on Monday. Plus, get ready to explore 'Peachy Conversations,' the conversation book born from over 14 years of testing and material creation, completed in September 2023. Discover specific ideas and sample lessons that utilize my handouts, giving you a taste of what the book can offer you, your lessons, and your students. Join me on this journey to discover the full spectrum of conversation skills!

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